Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Three Great Box Sets Available From HMV

A great gift for a friend or relative on a special occasion, DVD box sets usually feature a collection of films or an entire TV series in one package. Unlike a standard DVD, DVD box sets will sometimes feature fantastic extras - such as extra discs containing bonus material, or some other kind of valuable collectable.

HMV sells a huge range of DVDs and Blu-rays. But which are the best available from HMV?

Here are just three of the best box sets featured on the HMV website:

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Series 8: A hugely popular HBO show, Curb Your Enthusiasm follows Seinfeld co-creator, Larry David (who plays an exaggerated version of himself) as he continues on with his career after the show.

Following the Seinfeld reunion in the series seven finale, this series sees Larry continue to get himself into incredibly awkward situations to brilliant effect, as he moves from L.A. back to his hometown, New York.

Featuring guest appearances from the likes of Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future) and Ricky Gervais (Extras), series eight - which can be purchased from HMV - is often outlandish, sometimes controversial, but always provides a huge amount of laughs.

Curb Your Enthusiasm series one to eight can be purchased either individually or as a big box set from the HMV website.

The Wire - Season 1: Regarded by many as the best piece of television of all time, it would be fair to say that The Wire is held in incredibly high esteem.

Available from HMV as an individual season or in a complete box set, The Wire is a gritty drama that focuses heavily on the various facets of the city of Baltimore.

Each season focuses on a particular area; this first season focuses on the illegal drugs trade in the city, following the organisation dealing the drugs and the law enforcers investigating them. Thrillingly immersive and full of fantastic story writing, The Wire is a show that just shouldn't be missed.

Starring renowned British actors Dominic West (Detective Jimmy McNulty) and Idris Elba (Stringer Bell), season one - available from HMV - certainly isn't short of excellent performances either.

Lost - Complete Season 1/2/3/4/5/6 Box Set: A show that delighted and frustrated its viewers in equal amount, Lost has been viewed by many as one of the best TV shows of the last decade.

The series follows the survivors of a plane crash, Oceanic 815, on a mysterious island. Featuring no shortage of shocking twists and turns, Lost is the kind of show that is sure to get your attention and keep it for the duration of each 43 minute episode.